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InterviewNew York Staff Exchange {NYSE} Immediately responds to your staffing needs. At least one qualified candidate will be sent to you within 48-hours of officially receiving your requisition. When other agencies are just starting to assign your requisition to an Account Manager, who then forwards it to their Recruiters/Sourcers, NYSE Recruiters are already identifying the candidate most qualified for your position, discussing your requisition, screening them and sending them to you.

Qualified Candidates

NYSE has developed a proprietary Optimal Candidate Profile Questionnaire (OCPQ). The OCPQ is designed to be used in conjunction with your Job Requirements to screen and identify the most qualified candidates for your requisition.

Assessing your needs:

  • We start by making an exact assessment of your staffing needs, from a business as well as technical perspective.
  • Right appreciation of your needs is critical, not just to find the right talent but also to save your valuable time & effort.
  • Our proven experience in software product development enables us to understand your staffing requirements better.
  • You spend less time explaining your needs, which results in a faster turnaround. It ensures that we get you the right fit the first time.
  • We have been able to achieve a remarkable 3-to-1 Interview-to-hire ratio.

Graded, Up-to-date Talent Pool:

  • We maintain a live, up-to-date, global & graded pool of talented professionals.
  • We have a large network of offshore resources hunting for talent from across the globe.
  • We help you hire with a high level of confidence. The candidate, once hired, starts delivering from day one.
  • Our rich database ensures that you get the first submission within 48-hours of your request.

Rigorous screening:

  • We stretch ourselves by investing that ‘extra bit’ more in screening.
  • We invest hours in screening each candidate.
  • Most candidates endure multiple rounds of interviews (phone & face-to-face) by our experienced staff.
  • Along with the resume/profile, we can also provide you with detailed screening feedback, ensuring that you don’t have to spend your valuable time evaluating the resume/profile.
  • You can trust NYSE submitted only the best, most qualified candidates to you.

Effective Feedback Loop:

  • We constantly seek your feedback, incorporate it in our processes, and refine our submissions on a continuous basis.
  • NYSE takes a proactive approach toward understanding and meeting your changing needs and ensures greater flexibility.
  • Our feedback loop ensures faster zeroing-in on the right candidate. It also reduces your effort in the subsequent engagements.
  • Partnering at every step:
  • We keep in constant touch with both our clients and contract/temp employees.
  • For our clients, we have a single point of contact, regular feedback sessions and client events. For our employees, we have mentors, temp. checks, feedback loops and technical forums.
  • You consistently get what you need, hassle free. And our employees get what they need so that they serve you better.

Clients, whether you:

  • Need to hire a high volume, fast…
  • Are launching a new offering
  • Are opening a new facility
  • Need to recruit talent not actively in the job market
  • Are hiring talent across a broad geography
  • Just want better quality hires
  • Are working with cost constraints & time demands
  • Are augmenting internal Human Resources skills or band width
  • Need to shift to lower, more variable cost structure
  • Require a proactive sourcing strategy to stay competitive
  • Want consistent recruiting and hiring processes that utilize technology to the fullest
  • Need help creating a “Recruiting Culture” at your organization.

Candidates, whether you:

  • Are aggressively pursuing a career change
  • Are passively exploring the job market
  • Decided to change industries
  • Were downsized
  • Recently relocated or plan to relocate
  • Are looking for career advancement
  • Require H1B visa sponsorship/transfer
  • Are going from consultant to permanent or permanent to consultant
  • Are just beginning your career

New York Staff Exchange (NYSE) has a solution.

NYSE offers client companies and candidate’s integrity, personal attention, confidentiality and professional standards. We specialize in placing Executive Management, Technical, Finance, Accounting, Sales, Operations & administrative professional for our clients in the Financial Services, Information Technology, Energy, Media/Advertising, Publishing, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Gaming, Pharmaceutical, Construction, Medical and Healthcare industries.

We attract and present qualified and interested candidates in record time because of our unique team approach. We welcome the opportunity to present to you the most qualified talent in the industries we serve.

What separates us from the other firms?

We have a proven proprietary candidate screening and qualification process which allows us to supply our clients with experienced professionals in virtually any industry. NYSE utilizes innovative methodologies for recruiting, testing and screening to ensure the most accurate fit for your open position(s).

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