Relations With Applicants

  • Applicants shall be referred to employers for interviews only on job openings for which at least verbal authority has been given by the employer.
  • Representations made to applications about the duties, probable length of the employment, hours and salary of prospective positions shall be in conformance with the best knowledge of the personnel consultant.
  • Precaution shall be taken against referring any applicant to forth any circumstances meriting adjustment.

Relations With Employers

  • An applicant’s employment record, qualifications, and salary requirements shall be stated to the employer as accurately and fully as possible, or as requested.
  • An applicant shall be referred to the employer for interview only with prior authorization of the employer, which may be given verbally.
  • Confidential information relating to the business policy of employer, which is imparted as an aid to the effective handling of their job requirements, shall be treated accordingly.
  • Applicants shall not be solicited for other positions while they are still in the employ of the employer with whom they have been placed by NYSE, unless the applicant initiates reactivation of his/her application.
  • Resumes of applicants that are presented to employers shall represent bonafide candidates.

Relations With Temporary Employees

  • Employees shall be referred to client companies for work only on assignments for which the client has given at least verbal authority.
  • Representations to employees about the duties, probable length, hours and salary of temporary assignments shall be in conformance with the best knowledge of the temporary service.
  • Precautions shall be taken against referring temporary employees to any client who is known to engage in illegal, immoral or any questionable business practices.
  • Information about temporary employees shall be used only for the purpose of assigning the employee for temporary work. Confidential information shall be treated accordingly.
  • A temporary employee shall be aware of charges, if any, before being permitted to incur any obligation for services rendered.
  • No temporary employee shall be referred to any client where a strike or lockout exists (according to the best knowledge of the temporary help service) without being notified of such condition.
  • Financial and legal responsibilities as an employer to temporary help employees shall be met in a timely manner.

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