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What makes our placement process different? We use our proprietary Optimal Candidate Profile Questionnaire ( OCPQ). Effective placement is never an accident, but occurs when the candidate and the company meet each other’s needs. Our recruiters ask the right questions and then listen carefully to the answers. Salary, skills, experience, references, growth potential, attitude and personality are all matched to our profile of your organization. New York Staff Exchange takes pride in its reputation for precision placements for both the candidates and the client companies we serve.


TEMP: Temporary Assignments last one day to one year or more. The temporary worker is a NYSE employee, and NYSE handles all payroll liabilities and responsibilities. The employee is paid on an hourly basis. The client is invoiced weekly.

CONTRACT: Individual contracts can be negotiated for a wide variety of professional and technical workers. Terms and arrangements are determined by mutual consent between Client, Contract Employee and New York Staff Exchange (NYSE), and/or its subcontractors, affiliates or partners .

DIRECT HIRE: Direct Hire Client interviews and hires candidates, who go directly onto the client’s payroll. The fee for a Direct Hire is a one-time charge based on a percentage of the starting salary offered and accepted.

EXECUTIVE SEARCH: Executive Search Client companies request our assistance in filling mid-management to upper level executive positions. We have access to names and profiles of thousands of individuals with almost every type of management and technical background.

RETAINED SEARCH: With Retained Search, The Client Company retains us to search for a specific opening within its management structure. The fee is paid in installments over the first 90 days of the search. Our fees are in accordance with standard industry practices.

CONSULTING: Consulting We can assist clients in a wide range of Human Resource areas. Fees are based on the requirements of each project.

PAYROLLING: Many companies use the Payrolling concept especially for short-term, well-defined projects. The client screens and supplies the selected individual. NYSE hires the person and assigns him/her to the client, keeping unemployment and workers compensation exposure away from the client.

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